the Conditions of the Enrollment

Our Japanese culture program for preschool age children at Himawari no kai is not a full time program. As a result, exposing the students to the Japanese environment is a precious opportunity for each class session. We try to take full advantage of each class to provide each student with the best chance to develop and maintain their Japanese language skills and to learn about the Japanese culture with other students sharing the same goals.

In order to support these goals, all applicants have to meet the below conditions of enrollment, without exception. These conditions are intended to preserve the integrity of our program for the benefit of each and every student.

  • Children who wish to enroll shall be able to understand the classroom instructions, which are provided ONLY in Japanese.
  • All students must be able to participate in all activities and work well in a group environment and with each other on an individual basis.
  • We regret Himawari no kai is not staffed to support children who have special education requirements.
  • At least one parent/guardian shall be able to understand Japanese reading and writing in order to assist the children with class activities, including homework, all of which is only in Japanese.
  • A parent/guardian from each student will take turns with other parents/guardians assisting the teacher in the classroom.
  • Parents/guardians will assist Himawari no kai staff with other activities on an as needed basis such as helping setup, assist with the annual sports day and other special events.
  • We do not grant the option of allowing a sitter(s) play a role on behalf of (a) parents or guardian(s) in participation with the program.

All of our correspondence dealing with Himawari no kai is in Japanese. This includes all letters, brochures and the enrollment applications. Therefore, at least one parent/guardian of each child must be fluent in reading & writing Japanese.

Please see admission (入会条件) for other requirements and conditions for enrollment.